About a month ago I had the unique experience and wonderful experience of having two simultaneous house guests visit me for a week. These are dear friends who know me well and who I haven’t seen for some time. And for those who have wondered what it’s like to visit friends in NYC one thing must be known- living quarters are very, very cramped. One learns a lot when they are directly in the space of another person’s life. These friends who have known me in various stages of my own life saw everything: the bad, the good, the ugly, and the beautiful. My every action in daily life was shared with someone else.

It was wonderful having a buddy to live life with. I was always thinking, cool! Things are a lot more fun to do with a friend- ALL THE TIME! However, it was also like having a mirror held up at me at all times. It made me question, what am I doing? Am I being conscious and considerate in all my actions?

Having someone be a part of your daily life is an interesting experience. It made me question how do I normally live life without a buddy to hold me accountable? I’ll admit, I was sad when these friends left. But the reality is is that we don’t live our daily lives with built in buddies. So, how do we live our lives with care, consciousness, and accountability?

Of course, the answer is practice. For me, my personal relationship with yoga and piano is a direct reflection of how I interact with the rest of the world. I once asked one of my roommates from grad school (a great pianist), if she ever disliked practicing and she said, “No way, I love practicing. Practicing piano is like being with my best friend.” I wish I could say the same for my own experience with piano in the past. However, as I get older and more experienced I am starting to enjoy my time with both piano and time on the mat. I am learning that as I cultivate my relationships with my passions I am cultivating my relationship with the rest of the world.