I have been flirting/threatening/meaning to do a 30 day challenge for some time now. 30 day (or more traditionally 40 day) intervals are often used in meditation and yoga as an opportunity to learn new habits and skills. There has also been some scientific evidence supporting cell regeneration and brain neurons resetting after practicing a certain skill for this amount of time. I’ve tried several 30 day challenges and the farthest I ever got was Day 5. Pretty lame… I like to think of myself as a reasonably disciplined and self motivated person so why is it so hard for me to commit to the 30 day challenge? A little while ago ago I set a date of June 6th to fulfill a various set of goals and I realized I wasn’t doing a great job (um… cardio twice a week? Try twice a month). This blog is a lot about experimentation and exploration and I’ve finally decided to put it out there in the open. A lot of these things I do already but don’t do consistently. Here goes!

The Challenge

Drink hot lemon water: According to Ayurvedic practices drinking lemon water is good for the digestive tract, is a great way to start the day, detox, and helps the skin stay clear.

Do some light cardio: I read in another blog about gratitude jogs. Some light cardio helps get the heart rate up, helps find some reflection in life goals, and is an opportunity to be thankful for good things in your life. I have been really wanting to get cardio back into my physical regimen so I’ve decided to implement this into the 30 day challenge.

Do yoga EVERYDAY: Bad yogi, I know. Even if it’s for 15 minutes doing yoga still gives my mind and my body an opportunity to sync and to grow. I find that yoga is the first thing to go in hectic weeks so I’m putting this one on the list for sure.

Finish and complete recording/mix: I have a project that I’ve been working on for awhile now. But in typical “me” fashion this gets put on the side as gigs and other opportunities come up. I am going to make a committed effort to completing this project by June 6th.

Listen to music: One would be surprised at how little I actually do this. However, as a musician this is something that adds to my quality of life and will make me a better player.

Take my vitamins: Yup, need to do that.

Document my challenge: As a way to hold myself accountable for this challenge I will be documenting my progress via blog or youtube. Stay tuned!

Do you have something that you’ve been meaning to make a habit or something that you want to improve on? Join me! It’s more fun to to have company and I’d love to hear what your 30 day challenge is 🙂